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GEOFFROY SA cables conveyor systems are particularly well adapted to the handling of granular and products in bulk. Those conveyors compete mainly with chains conveyors which are heavy, lumbering and noisy.

They are mainly adapted for cereals handling, flour milling and malting installations. A simple but highly rationalised technology allows a range of capacities up to 500 tons per hour to be integrated with all other material handling systems.

  • Economic: a very low energy consumption is the result of very efficient handling systems with a very efficient yield.
  • Reliable: performance is assured through a robust mechanical system with maintenance made easy by simple maintenance procedures.
  • Low noise level: Low noise levels operating empty or at full charge to give good working conditions and a pleasant environment.
  • It avoids regular wear problems and allows reversible way working.
  • It ensures an excellent box draining.
  • It ensures a significant power transmission without being harmful to cables mechanical characteristics.
  • A large range of conveyors from 10 to 500 tons/h.


  Technical characteristics:

  • Output up to 500tons/h.
  • A modular conception allowing adaptability for users needs.
  • Made in painted steel, galvanised or stainless steel.
  • Plain, stainless or rilsan coated cables.
  • Wooden or PEHD slats.

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