Conveyors for grapes and marc
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Handling for grapes and pomace

GEOFFROY SA manufacture their handling systems for grapes and pomace to fulfill the requirements for proper treatment of the residue,with proper regard to the operating constraints of wine presses and other wine making equipment. These materials are well adapted fot the handling of grapes and pomace in pressing operations.

To measure:
Its modular construction in painted steel or stainless steel enables it to meet technical needs and allows for eventual cellar changes.

The choice of width, length, power and work speed as well as the possibility of a vertical elevation bring an economical solution for the best use of your existing or new fittings.

Our experience, the choice of used equipment and technical solutions brought into focus by our company, ensure a working environment that is efficient and reliable.

Technical Characteristics
Type Redler, TMD, TCE, TCECT
  • Manufactured with painted sheet or stainless steel sheet metal.
  • Useful widths from 370 to 1280mm. Possibility of large dimensions.
  • Standard bends of 30°- 45°- 60° - 75°- 90°.
  • Installed power from 0.75 to 9.2 kw.
  • Adjustable speed depending on the type of motor and screw reducer.
  • Product driving by 2 chains and scraping cleats.
  • Sweeping cleats to clean.

  • Hoppers – security covers
  • Connection - Wheels
  • Pitting for washing water drainage
  • Frame - supports

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